Naruto Manga 671 – Naruto 671 Spoiler

Published April 1, 2014 by Mangastream

Someone started this whole hatred mess and naruto 671 it was Indra. Rikudou said that the long war began after Indra disagreed. He had power and believed that through that power, he could achieve anything. To put it bluntly, he was probably, to some degree, an egotistical douchebag who didn’t need anyone and wanted anything he desired, be it getting it even through force. Don’t know why some posts are trying to sugar-coat him but it’s obvious that he’s the first of the Madara/Obito kind of guys that appeared throughout the generations.

naruto manga 671

naruto manga 671

Unless it has been CONFIRMED, I don’t think that the Sage actually meant Naruto was the literal reincarnation of his son. I think he was speaking metaphorically. Naruto’s ideals and how he goes about his goals, life, etc., are what make him like Ashura. However it still stands that if it’s going to apply to one, it should should apply to all. If Naruto was the only perfect host ever, I’d be more inclined to agree with you. However, that’s not the case. Given the fact that the whole transformation is really nothing but transforming back into how the demon originally looked, There should not be that much of a difference regardless of if they’re inside a host.
All I’m doing is offering different possibilities, not saying that any of them is a fact. Kyuubi’s chakra once the evil will/intent was removed seemed to be able to give life, which only Hashirama’s chakra was able to do. Maybe Hachibi’s chakra doesn’t have that sort of power or strength, despite it being known as the second most powerful bijuu. I mean, hasn’t it been indicated that the Kyuubi was arguably the most powerful and unique out of all the bijuu?

Or, as someone mentioned, Naruto’s chakra could have achieved that look it did after the Kyuubi removed any negative emotion to its chakra, when both chakra combined.
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Naruto Manga 670 – Naruto 670 Spoiler

Published March 24, 2014 by Mangastream

Well it was Hyped to be greater than a Hokage, Who naruto 670 at the time was the strongest Shinobi shown. It never said how much stronger than a Hokage, People just assumed it would be slightly above the level of a Hokage.
That’s BS. Kakashi is the only to hype the gates and at the time (old) Saburtobi was hokage. So it’s safe to assume that the gates are stronger than the old third Hokage. All else is just ‘bad’ speculation.

naruto manga 670

naruto manga 670

Too bad it was over 200 chapters ago with Pain and what has happened ever since has been a bunch of lame fan-service and repetitive prolongation of an already tortuously overdrawn fight. The number of emotional notes Kishi has achieved since Pain are few and far between – and frequently buried beneath so much treacle and outright nonsense that it robs those moment of any weight they had.So next week there’ll probably be an entire chapter dedicated to Naruto and his talk with the Yin-half of Kurama, followed by some more talk with Obito when he wakes up. I just wish Sakura can skip the whole medic thing now that Naruto is back and actually go out to fight, because Sasuke’s about to arrive with his brand new set of Rinnegans.
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Naruto 669 – Naruto and Sasuke recovers

Published March 18, 2014 by Mangastream

I think that after they recover both naruto 669 Naruto and Sasuke will be a lot stronger but they still won’t have awakened the true powers of the Sage. They will unite to fight Madara but at first they will still be way outclassed since Madara himself has most of the same abilities they have plus far more power and experience.

naruto manga 669

naruto manga 669

As the battle escalates though, their powers will continue to evolve (just as we saw during the fight with Obito). Madara will start to see that Naruto and Sasuke are both evolving the Sage’s bloodline in a way that he hasn’t. Remember, Madara asked after he absorbed the Juubi, “Is this the true power of the Sage?” I think Madara still has his suspicions that something is missing, I think that right now he thinks it because he is missing half of the Kyuubi and his other Rinnegan but I think that as the battle progresses he will see that there is more to it than that. I think Sasuke will eventually awaken the true Rinnegan, after Naruto gets seriously injured (a bit like how he awakened the Sharigan when Naruto was seriously injured against Haku). He will attack Madara with some new power it grants him. After seeing that Sasuke’s eyes have surpassed his own Madara will be motivated to go all out against Sasuke in an attempt to take his eyes from him. He will manage to take Sasuke down but just as he is about to take Sasuke’s eyes Naruto will awaken the full powers of the Sage’s body and counter attack Madara. He will fight with Madara for a bit but Madara’s Juubi power will still be too much for him and Madara will pin him down and attempt to take the other half of the Kyuubi from him but he will be saved (probably by some of the other characters such as the Kages, Killerbee who will have been kept alive by Samahada, and Yamato who will have somehow regained control of his powers.) They will distract Madara long enough for Naruto and Sasuke to recover and they will decide to fuse their powers together again.
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