Naruto 663 Release – Sasuke chakra & Senju DNA

Published January 26, 2014 by Mangastream

The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the naruto 663 manga scans will be posted here soon.
Watch out for the naruto manga 663 chapter. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming naruto 663 Spoilers.

It’s the same FRS that he used against Kakuzu. It’s the same version except that he learned how to throw it and expand it, which he practiced without Ma and Pa knowing about it. I said that. It can be used without the SM but at the cost of the body, so therefore, it can’t be used without SM technically. Oodama FRS is the only version of FRS than can be labeled as Sage Art since it can’t be used in base mode regardless of at the cost of the body or not.

naruto 663 manga

naruto 663 manga

But FRS can be used without Sage Mode since Naruto is still able to move. He doesn’t get knocked out or incapacitated, it’s just his arm that receives the damage. FRS is not exclusive to any mode, but using it with either mode just offers extra benefit. Naruto was able to use FRS at least three times before he got Sage Mode, even if he hit an opponent only once. More than proof enough that it can be used without Sage Mode or Kyuubi chakra mode. That’s entirely up to you how you view it. Tsunade labeled it Kinjutsu without the Sage Mode so it can’t really be used after max 3 times because of your busted arm. Sage Mode offers the luxury of avoiding that damage, nothing else. Anything else that Naruto did with FRS in terms of power is all thanks to SM.

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