Naruto Manga 666 – Read Naruto 666 Spoilers

Published February 22, 2014 by Mangastream

What also bugs me is that Kishi constantly nerfs Minato to no end.naruto 666 Kishi has Minato ready a new jutsu (twice) but never pulls it off, get’s his arm cut off and never grows back, talks about how he needs to protect his son, and yet gets his other arm cut off after going senjutsu for a panel. I mean what the f**k. Kishi is destroying a character that was once revered by many fans, it’s pretty sad.

I really wish he would write Minato in a better light and actually show that he is one of the strongest fighters out there…but who knows now….


naruto 666 manga

naruto 666 manga


Naruto look better and Sasuke look worse. You’d also shun theories from certain people who have shown to be very biased. I highly doubt you’d be this defensive or whether you are objective, given that you tend to defend Naruto a lot and treat your opinion as fact.

Manga has stated many times Naruto wasn’t a genius, with proof like Naruto’s difficulty in understanding chakra or kekkei genkai/bloodline limit. You either state he is a genius or is a genius in a different way, as if it’s a fact rather than opinion. Again, there’s no difference between how most of us tend to act.


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