Naruto 689 – Naruto Manga 689 Released

Published August 13, 2014 by Mangastream

Not the biggest fan of Sasuke,Naruto 689 but it seems like the current power up for Kakashi just took a giant dump on both Sasuke and Madara. I can understand a partial Susanoo, but a full blow perfect susanoo and total stabalized one at that is way too much. Sasuke being a perfect Uchiha and reincarnation of Indra couldn’t perform a perfect Susanoo with his regular MS, heck he even stated that using Susanoo an imperfect one at that, made all the cells in his body hurt and that was with regular MS.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

Yet Kakashi who has never used Susanoo, and is not even an Uchiha was able to use Susanoo and a perfect fully formed and stabilized one on his first try and only with a regular MS. As I said earlier, this was a giant put down for Sasuke. If Kishi really wanted to make Kakashi shine he could have given him the ability to just use the dimension shift ability both long range and short range, without a Chakra constraint, but giving him one of the top Sharingan tech. which Sasuke took such a long time to master is just too much.Sure but Indra was the actual son of Sage, he inherited his Chakra which would have easily allowed him to perform such feats, just look at naruto and sasuke who gained such a huge power up after receiving sage’s chakra, heck ashura wasn’t a jin. yet he had a chakra form similar to naruto’s full kyuubi mode. Kakashi who isn’t related to either of the clans, is able to perform a feat that took Sasuke such a long time to accomplish even when he is a pure Uchiha and is the reincarnation of Indra. I am just purely disappointed at the way Kishi has decided to save Kakashi’s face. And secondly how did Obito suddenly get so much Chakra at the end, just a couple of chapters ago he was scrapping the bottom of the barrel searching for Chakra, and suddenly he can give his Chakra to Kakashi without limits.

Naruto 688 – Naruto burns with anger

Published August 4, 2014 by Mangastream

Although it had a lot of talk Naruto 688, Kishi didn’t troll us with Obito’s death.
It showed how fucking deadly Kaguya’s bone attack is.
Obito saying he deserved to die because he was a criminal was the thing I was waiting for! Stopping Naruto from saving him. Epic!
Last, but not the least, Naruto chopping off Kaguya’s arm like it was nothing! So, Naruto had it in him. Beast!
Next issue: Naruto burns with anger. Epicness. T_T

naruto manga 688

naruto manga 688

And Obito leaves with Rin to get friendzoned for eternity. But one question… WHY DIDN’T THEY GRAB HIS FUCKING EYES BEFORE HE DISINTEGRATED!!!!???

Kaguya is really a lame villain though. She doesn’t talk, just takes orders from Black Zetsu (who, until now, may have been possibly the least threatening person in the whole Naruto universe). It also doesn’t make sense, why not just leave Naruto and co in the other dimension and be like “Later motherfuckers, I’m out of here” and teleport to Naruworld.

Haha Zetsu was so brutally honest to Obito. “Everyone will hate you, no one will care that you’re dead, you’re trash”. This was actually hard for me to read, really felt bad for the guy.

In the end I ended up liking Obito’s character, despite initially hating him (thinking the anime has had some influence on that as well). Now if only Kishi can do the same for Kaguya.

Naruto 659 Raw – Madara and the Bijuus Play Time

Published December 17, 2013 by Mangastream

So Mandara can just the latest update on naruto 659 manga. Any moment from now, naruto 659 spoiler and naruto manga 659 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for naruto 659 raw and mangazone for the naruto 659 English scans.

naruto 659 manga

naruto 659

So Mandara can just transplant eyes at will without any consequences? Yeah he is Madara and has Senju and Uchiha genes but come on. I guess Naruto really will have to absorb all the Bijuu to stand a chance against Madara. And again how is he able to use Susanoo without any eyes? Naruto has been a major letdown over the past 2 years I think you need two mangekyou to unlock Susanoo. Not use it. I mean, it makes sense when you consider that the technique, unlike every other mangekyou jutsu, comes from the body’s cells rather than the eyes. Amaterasu? Hits where the user’s eyes are focusing. Tsukuyomi? Requires eye contact. Susanoo? Produces chakra out of the person’s body. His body is still present, but his eyes aren’t. Isn’t that double standards then? Surely since Rinnegan techs don’t come out of the eyes either he could have used them without needing them? Or is it one rule for Rinnegan and another for MS techniques. It contradicts itself It’s only double standards if that was the reason Madara couldn’t use Rinnegan jutsu earlier. Is it? For all you know the only jutsu he couldn’t perform without his Rinnegan is the one jutsu he wants to perform. Not to mention I claim that the reason Susanoo is usable is because it’s not eye-dependant. There are Rinnegan jutsu that don’t rely on the eyes. Come to think of it, none of them do except the shared eyesight between summons. Potentiallly the Rinnegan is needed for one particular reason.

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