Naruto 655 – Read Naruto 655 Spoiler

Published November 12, 2013 by Mangastream

Naruto 655 manga scans are little bit delayed. If you happen to find naruto 655 spoilers before we’ve managed to upload naruto chapter 655, feel free to email them to along with a naruto manga 655 link to the source.

naruto manga 655

Madara having counter-Kyuubi tricks, there’s a limit to how many times Naruto could use a Bijuu Blast, whereas there (presumably) isn’t a limit to the number of meteors Madara can drop. Not to mention the sheer sizes of the meteors would make breaking them about not much safer.
The series made it pretty clear that only Hashirama was strong enough to challenge him, and that shouldn’t even be true anymore now that Madara can instantly take him out by ripping out his soul. A couple dozen Mokuton clones protected by Prefect Susanoo throwing around massive sword slashes and giant fireballs while meteors drop from the sky should easily allow him to deal with the entire Alliance. The key problem is that logically, the Alliance has no way to actually take down Edo Madara: none of them have a soul stealing technique and there’s no way to get him to cancel Edo Tensei. Through in the fact that the Kyuubi’s chakra is limited and can/should be close to running out, and there’s no way that any of the Alliance except the Edo Hokages should be able to have any sort of extended battle with Madara, and in that situation all he has to do is touch them to win. So like I said, if he isn’t played like an idiot, then there’s no reason he should lose.

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